Welcome! Dear Traders,you are reading my forex trading experiences. Forex trading is a very profitable and very risky business opportunity. If you are a beginner, calm down,have a cup of coffee, and convince yourself that you need to study hard to win in forex trading. Obviously, the task is not easy as the statistics claim that only 5% traders win in forex trading. If you are determined, serious,and hard working, you can surely be included in the group of winners.


DMM FX offers $25 no deposit bonus albeit it said that it offers $30 no deposit bonus on its website. Actually, it offers AUD30 no deposit bonus or its equivalent. However, DMM FX offers no deposit bonus under following conditions.
  • Bonus is granted to the new clients only.
  • Account has to be verified in order to receive bonus.
  • Mobile verification is also required to receive bonus.
  • Bonus is granted for 7days.
  • Maximum leverage 1:200.
  • This offer is limited to one applicant per IP address.
  • No scalping, hedging or news trading.
  • If you loss more than the granted bonus, you will be liable for the loss.
  • Profit can be withdrawn once the bonus is canceled.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $25.
In bottom line, I do not think this is a good no deposit bonus. The broker offered this bonus just to introduce them in the industry. 

If you think you can trade with this no deposit bonus successfully, you can open an account with DMM FX

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