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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


About Octafx: Octa Markets Incorporated was registered in 2011 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under license number 19776 IBC 2011. The Company's legal and correspondence address is Cedar Hill Crest, P.O. Box 1825, Villa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines(Company website). 

What traders think about octafx? 
Users experience shared online plays crucial role to help the new trades out there to find the best broker. Most of the words shared by other traders about octafx are positive. In some cases, traders may have bitter experience with a broker because they are not aware of the terms and conditions of the broker. Followings are some of the green and red words shared by the traders trading with octafx.

Why traders choose octafx?
  1. It is an award winning forex broker.
  2. It is one of the brokers that provide lowest spread. 
  3. It has multiple trading platforms.
  4. It offers three types of trading account.
  5. It offers 1:500 leverage.
  6. It has multiple withdrawal and deposit methods.
  7. Minimum deposit amount is $50 on ECN and $5 on micro and cTrader ECN account .
  8. Scalping, hedging, trading on the news, and EAs are permitted at OctaFX.
  9. Octafx offers swap free trading account.
  10. It offers 50% deposit bonus, which can be withdrawn after trading certain lots.
  11. It has 24/7 very responsive customer support.
  12. It completes the withdrawal requests within a short period of time.
  13. It offers no dealing desk trading on STP and ECN accounts.
  14. OctaFx UK is regulated by FCA.
Why traders may not choose octafx?
  1. It is not a regulated broker.
  2. It has limited withdrawal options.
  3. It is a dealing desk broker in general.
In bottom line, I think octafx is a reliable broker so far. My personal experience with octafx was very good. On web there have some negative words about octafx, but these words are not enough to add the word "SCAM" with this broker.

If you have any experience of trading with octafx, you can drop it below. 


  1. I also trade with this them, but some of your statements really confuse me and set me to thinking because as I thought such broker with such services can't be called a dealing desk, where have you found this information? The question about their regulation is also doubtful because I know that they are regulated and even got FCA regulation (don't tell me that it's not true because, otherwise I have to begin to worry about my money)).

    1. If your capital is big enough, I will suggest you to open an account with a regulated broker. OctaFx currently not regulated by a strong regulatory body. Obviously, OctaFx is a dealing desk broker. It is not true that a dealing desk broker is always bad, but a no-dealing desk broker is best. No this broker is not regulated by FCA.

  2. "OctaFx currently not regulated by a strong regulatory body" - but in fact they are regulated, or their regulation means nothing?

    Why have you decided that octafx is dealing desk? Some arguments?

    But anyway, if you said that that you had good experience with them means that they are worth to trade with and reliable enough despite their minuses you mentioned (just want to listen to reeeeal opinion)?

    1. In the website of OctaFx, it only mentions that the ECN and STP accounts are no dealing desk. If you are trading on other accounts except these, then you are surely trading on dealing desk. http://prntscr.com/9k5xbk

    2. Let me come to the point dear, OctaFx is not a regulated broker at all in forex industry. My personal experience with OctaFx was good, I never experienced any problem with them.OctaFx is dealing desk broker because it takes orders against your orders. If it is no dealing desk, you could find it in the list of no dealing desk brokers. If you ask the support of OctaFx, they will tell that they are no dealing desk.But this is not true. A true no dealing desk broker is hard to find in the industry. I will suggest you to change this broker, if you are trading with a big capital. If one day octa refuses your withdrawal request, who will help you to take legal actions.Unregulated brokers can do it with you when they have chances to eat your big capital.I still hope OctaFx will not do it.I never said it is a bad broker, as I did not experienced any bad experience with them. But still I will not trade with octafx with my big capital. That's it.

    3. I am a scalper (mostly), but I suppose that dealing desk brokers do not allow using such strategies, also dealing desk brokers provide fixed spread and octafx not, only floating and at any accounts...

    4. What about this one article on their FCA regulation? https://leaprate.com/2015/04/apac-focused-retail-broker-octafx-obtains-british-fca-license/#comment-2374457385

    5. I read the article regarding FCA regulation but it is not said on their website.You can see the micro account of octa has very small spread, but the ECN account charges commissions. Generally, a true no dealing desk charges higher spread or fixed commissions.

    6. What commissions do you mean? As I know they don't have commissions both on micro and ECN, and spread conditions the same. I think we have different information)) Because what I know is that no dealing desk has not higher, but fixed spreads (yes, actually they are higher, but anyway fixed).

      No, I don't trade with Octafx UK, I see that it is not possible now. So, as I understand, when it will be possible to trade via UK, everybody will trade via it, because regulation is everything?) So, it means that Octafx Uk is regulated and Octafx is not?

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