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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Gator Oscillator is developed by Bill Williams, it is an indicator that helps to find the trend. Generally, four stages of this technical indicator should be learned before applying it in forex trading. The four stages of Gator Oscillator are awaking, eating, satisfied, and sleeping. These stages make a cycle, which is used to trade forex with Gator Oscillator technical indicator. The main problem of this technical analysis indicator is the complex behavior.

Source: metatrader4.com

The gator oscillator has bars, its color changes with situations and explains the stage of the Gator Oscillator. When the bars display different color (any combination of red and green), it indicates that the Gator is awaking. The awaking is the stage that indicates a cycle completion. 

After the awaking stage, when the bars both above and below the center line display green color, it indicates that the Gator is eating. After the eating stage, when the bars display combination of two color, red and green, it indicates that the Gator is satisfied. 

When the Gator is satisfied, it needs to have a sleep. When the bars above and below the center line are red, the Gator is sleeping. To trade with this technical indicator, traders should focus on the cycle formed with four stages. 

So, first the bars will display combination of two colors, secondly the bars will turn into green, thirdly the bars will again show combination of green and red, finally the bars will be red.

Trading with the indicator is very simple, placing an order when the Gator is waking, and exiting the order when the gator is sleeping. Some traders love to take profit, immediately after the Gator is satisfied, and place order when the Gator starts to eat. 

Dear Traders, these are the basic technique of trading with Gator Oscillator. You can apply it on the chart of any time frame. If you have any suggestions about trading forex with this technical indicator, you can drop a comment below.

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