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Saturday, March 8, 2014


Again one of the top forex brokers for Asians. FBS providing some unique services in the forex broker industry. Before applying for a no deposit forex welcome bonus, we always suggest you to have the all required skills of trading forex. Both technical and news analysis are essential for successful trading. It is suggested that you will have a demo account with FBS to test your trading strategy and knowledge. FBS offers $5+$7 no deposit welcome bonus under following conditions:
  • Bonus $5 is granted to all of the new clients (except US).
  • Bonus is granted to micro account.  
  • Profits can be withdrawn any time, but a $7 will be charged to process first withdrawal.
  • You need to verify your account to receive the bonus.
  • Client's mobile verification is obligatory.
  • Client's facebook account has to be linked with the personal area and the facebook page of FBS Markets Inc has to be liked.The facebook account must have 20 friends and must be 2 months older.
  • A single no deposit welcome account is allowed from a single IP address, and changing the IP address using any software is prohibited.
  • If you can withdraw $50 from the $5 account, you will receive additional $7 bonus. 
To receive the bonus open a micro account with FBS, verify your account, connect facebook, like facebook page, and start trading. This is another excellent forex no deposit welcome bonus offer. You can see the following proof of FBS transactions with me.
I will rate this broker 5 out of 5. If you really obey its rules, you will have an excellent experience with this broker. This broker also provides muster card so you will not need to depend on third party for transactions with this broker. You can share your experience with FBS, dropping comments below. 

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