Welcome! Dear Traders,you are reading my forex trading experiences. Forex trading is a very profitable and very risky business opportunity. If you are a beginner, calm down,have a cup of coffee, and convince yourself that you need to study hard to win in forex trading. Obviously, the task is not easy as the statistics claim that only 5% traders win in forex trading. If you are determined, serious,and hard working, you can surely be included in the group of winners.


You already know the basic of forex trading, forex quotes, forex lot size and some other important terms. Now you choose a forex broker suitable for you and open a demo account. After opening a demo account, download the trading platform and install it into your computer or any other devices.

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Learn to perform the following actions on your chosen trading platform.
  • How to place a buy/sell order.
  • How to close an order.
  • How to choose the lot size.
  • How to select stop loss and take profit.
  • How to open pending orders.
  • How to modify an order.
  • How to insert technical indicators.
  • How to deal with charts.
  • How to insert symbols.
  • How to change the look of the trading platform.
Demo account also helps you to know whether you have chosen the right broker or not. If you know the ways of performing above actions with your chosen platform, it is enough for your forex trading. In our later posts we will explore the ways of performing above actions with popular metarader4 and metatrader5 forex trading platforms.

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